Everyone wants a hot weather especially after a long winter or a rainy season. There is just something fun that the sun brings: some people spend their time outside the house doing outdoor activities with family and/or friends, while others go to the beach to bathe under the sun. However, on the other side, it is a threat to certain house parts specifically the roof. Severe storms, extreme cold, and high heat can cause very notable damages to our home and any commercial buildings’ roofing materials. It is important to know preventative measures as well as proper cleaning and maintenance methods to avoid roof damage from the extreme summer heat.  


In this article, we will provide you preventative measures on both residential and commercial roofing systems.  

For Residential Shingled Roof 

Residential houses often have shingle roof installed as their roofing materials, and shingled roofs have more noticeable signs of damage compared to commercial roofs. Some damages include discoloration, as well as shingles’ cracks, curls, and white dust. Likewise, when leaks are experienced, this is also a sign of serious damage to the roof.  

How can you prevent this to happen? You can start by providing your house with a good ventilation in the attic because this prevents the heat outside the building to penetrate deeper inside your home’s ceilings. The heat could be accumulating in the attic may cause pressure enough to warp the wood that the rood is made of. By avoiding damage to the roof deck, you are effectively slowing down damage to the shingles on the roof because having a well-ventilated underside will allow the heat to move through the attic, and not letting it to be trapped inside.  

In addition, ensure that you provide regular cleaning on your roof to remove dirt and potential pollutants. The roof cleaning Cherry Hill services are able to provide you different services that fit your roof needs. A professional roof cleaning service is more recommended that DIYs, 

For Commercial Roofs 

Commercial roofs are sturdier and tougher compared to residential roof materials. However, this does not entail that they do not deteriorate under extreme weather conditions. Commercial roofs are mostly made of concrete and metal roofing materials, and these materials oftentimes do not show obvious signs of deterioration like shingles do. In addition to this, it is more difficult to inspect commercial roofs thus professional inspection and maintenance might be necessary.  

Damages are sometimes unnoticed until rainy and wet seasons start to take over the weather and the building experiences leaks which is also damaging to the businesses and products. Furthermore, heat leaks may also happen and still can create damages to what is inside the building as well as decrease the AC’s functionality, leading to higher energy consumption. Both water and heat leaks are detrimental to the business.  

To avoid such loss, having a regular inspection by a professional company is necessary to assess the roof’s health. They are able to provide necessary interventions such as cleaning and repairs to the roof, avoiding further damages, and future repair costs.