Drive safe Through Defensive Driving 

Driving can cause expose you to a lot of possible stress, it may be due to traffic or other drivers who do not drive the way you do. In times like this, as drivers, we want to be as safe as possible and we will not be able to do that if we include ourselves in the blame game when it comes to driving situations. One thing that helps drivers be safe is what we call as defensive driving. It may be termed as something fancy but the significance of this practice is how to practice precaution using common sense. If you want to drive safely regardless of the people that drives along the road with you, you need to practice defensive driving. 


So how can you practice defensive driving then? 

1. Right of Way 

Everyone has a right of way. If some other driver drives in a hurried way, you always have the right to not allow this driver to push through however this may not always be safe for you. If you want to drive safely, you may need to yield your rights, however this might cause some irritation, it is a wise trade to your welfare.  

2. Speed Limit 

Speed limits are there not to ruin your fun or hinder you from reaching your destination in a fast manner. Speed limits have been designed to keep you safe! If you are driving at a speed of 70kmph on a driveway having a speed limit of 60kmph, this might save you from being late at work or being reprimanded by your boss, however this might also increase your chances of possible accident or injury.  

The speed of motion you are on is correlated to how long or short your car reacts when you step on the breaks. Moreover, this also lessens how your body reacts to sudden changes of events that might happen.  

Trust me, making sure you are driving safely is a wider choice than being late 10 minutes from the office. If ever this is what you fear, you can always wake up 10 minutes earlier than have your life on the line through a car accident.  

If you want to be more convinced, being caught by a police officer when you’re speeding does not help at all in trying to not be late to work or to an event you are in a hurry to go to.  

3. Pay Attention 

You need to pay attention on the road you are in! Whenever there is an accident regarding a matter that involves another person, the first thing a driver says is how he did not notice the other party. If you are on the road, you are in great danger if you are not paying attention. By danger, it could mean you getting an accident because a random animal crossed the road or in danger because you are liable to someone else on the road because you were driving negligently.  

 4. Seat Belt 

There is a reason why police officers always check if you have your seat belts on when you are caught speeding or just caught without wearing it. Seat belts are there to protect you for any possible impact to refrain from throwing yourself off your dashboard or perhaps injure yourself because of the steering wheel in front of you. Always take precaution, especially in cases where you have a baby on board, keep your baby buckled. You need to make sure to buckle up as well. 

5. Do not drive if you are not in right mind 

If you have taken alcohol or you might have some issues that are distracting you, please just hop on a cab than risk driving. Whenever you are not thinking straight you are simply not paying attention to the road. When this happens, there can be judgement error when it comes to driving.  

These are just some basic things but vital in driving. However, if you are considering driving as a means of transport, always consult a driving school to make sure you are driving safely. If you are a starter and want to drive, driving school Manassas VA are available to help you drive whether your goal is education or improvement.